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Looking for a moving company in Oslo? We would love to assist you! Tigerstaden is a moving company dedicated to both smaller and big tasks in the Oslo region. We reduce the stress and time-consuming part of moving, allowing you to focus on what matters.

Through our competencies and skilled workers, we safely transport furniture and other belongings from A to B. We operate as a moving company in Oslo for both businesses and private individuals. Our team is well-versed with the challenges that may arise in the urban scene.

As a moving company in Oslo, we have experienced both the steep and curved staircases, and the narrow doorways. No challenge is too big for us, and with our excellent customer service and fair pricing, we are proud to be one of the most preferred moving companies in Oslo.

Also Preferred Amongst Cleaning Companies in Oslo

While first and foremost operating as a moving company in Oslo, we are also preferred in the city for our cleaning services. When moving, the process of cleaning is undoubtedly important. Instead of looking to other companies for this service, you can combine moving and cleaning with Tigerstaden.

We clean floors, walls, ceilings, doors, windows, and everything in between. That way, you can focus on preparing a new home, rather than cleaning out your old one! Finally, we also provide waste disposal. Old furniture, boxes, and other objects may have seen their best days. We dispose of them!

Flyttehjelp i Oslo

Affordable Moving Company in Oslo

We are proud to be an affordable moving company in Oslo. Hiring a professional moving company is no longer reserved to certain individuals, and with our reasonable price structure, anyone can afford this great investment.

Cheap is not always the best option, as these moving companies may operate illegally or provide bad services. Tigerstaden is not the cheapest moving in Oslo, but we provide affordable prices that give you a fair value for what you pay.

Choosing the cheapest moving companies in Oslo might be tempting. However, you run the risk of bad service, as well as virtually no rights if furniture or other objects are damaged during moving. It is a good idea to pay a little extra for the security of a professional moving company.

Let Us Move Together!

No moving task is too small or big for Tigerstaden. As a moving company in Oslo, we have seen it all. Our team is up for a challenge, and if you are looking to move today, we would love to assist you. From planning the actual move, to transporting, cleaning, and disposing of waste, until you are in your new home, we follow through.

Our philosophy is to reduce your stress and involvement in the moving process to the bare minimum. That way, you can focus on the positives of moving. Let us move together today!

Frequently asked questions

It depends on how much you want us to move, and how far you are moving. If you are moving from an apartment in the 5th floor without an elevator it obviously takes longer compared to an apartment in the 1st floor. If you send us a brief description of the job, we can try to estimate how long it will take. 

We always bring equipment with us to the job. It is important that you inform us if you have items that weigh over 85kg or if you want us to disassemble something.

It depends on the job. If you are moving from an apartment that is larger than 70sqm we always recommend 3 movers. Give us a brief description of the job and we will recommend how many movers you should book to make it as cheap as possible for you. 

You can pay through Vipps or you can get an invoice. You can also pay by card. The payment is done when the job is finished.  

You do not have to be around during the moving. As long as you have given all the necessary information to the workers, you can leave and they will contact you 30 minutes before they are finished. 

You can choose whether you want the workers to put everything in the livingroom, or if you want us to place it in the different rooms. They will do the job just as you like. 

We can disassemble furniture. Make sure that you inform us about it in advance so that we can bring the right equipment. 

Moving company Oslo
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Petter g. Hansen
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Tigerstaden Flyttebyrå exceeded all expectations. The relocation team that did the job was very nice and efficient. The price was also very good! Definitely to recommend!
Trine Olsen
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Very happy with the job that was done! The guys met up precisely and smiled throughout the mission even though it was a long day. Very nice and strong workers. Will use these again!
Pål Dahl
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Super happy with the job! It was incredibly nice getting help from Tigerstaden flyttebyrå during a stressful period. They lined up at short notice and the communication was top notch! Highly recommended.